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Rabri Devi hits out at turncoats, calls them ‘shameless’


PATNA: Two days after three opposition legislators—two from the Congress and one from the RJD—crossed over to the BJP,


leader and Bihar’s former chief minister

Rabri Devi

on Thursday came down heavily on them, terming them as “shameless” and said they must have resigned from the respective parties before switching their allegiance.
Talking to the media in the portico of the state legislative council on Thursday, Rabri alleged the legislators might have changed their loyalty after being offered ministerial berths and hefty money.

“They must be ashamed of themselves. They got elected on different party tickets and are going in the company of another party,” she said.
“They are


people. They switched their loyalty after mere inducements,” she alleged, adding the MLAs should have resigned from the House membership before joining another camp. She announced action against such legislators.
She said the RJD has given honours to persons from every caste and community. “We made sweepers, shoe shiners and stone-crushers for the MPs and MLAs and also gave important party posts. We have been taking care of every caste , especially the socially marginalized class,” she said, adding they had the support of the masses who will teach


tough lessons in coming elections.

Rabri hit out at the leaders after two legislators from the Congress and one from the RJD crossed over to the BJP on Tuesday, dealing a blow to the opposition bloc ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The fresh defection came barely a fortnight after another three RJD legislators had crossed over to the ruling camp during the trust motion for the newly formed NDA govt on the floor of the state assembly on February 12, which the latter won.
She also served a note of caution to CM Nitish Kumar alerting the latter how the BJP has gone on increasing its number in the state assembly. “CM Nitish Kumar’s chair is in danger. He must be alert to this situation,” she warned. Nitish walked out of the Grand Alliance last month to form his new government with BJP support.

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