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Pratik: Box office can’t solely determine a film’s worth


Pratik Gandhi

, the versatile actor known for his stellar performances in both cinema and theater, shares his insights on the evolving landscape of Indian cinema in an exclusive interview. In a candid interview with ETimes, he reflects on his journey, recent successes, and his perspective on the significance of

box office

numbers in determining a film’s true worth.

Have you faced challenges in your career?
Certainly. Surviving in Mumbai is tough, and making decisions becomes crucial. But I have always maintained a positive outlook and stayed focused on my craft.
What’s it like to have two commercial releases in such a short span?

It’s incredibly fulfilling and encouraging. It reaffirms that I am on the right path.

Have you ever been told you weren’t fit for commercial roles?
At times, I have been advised that playing wealthy characters might be challenging for me. But I have taken on supporting roles without hesitation.
You’ve mentioned doing theater for free. How has that shaped your career?
It’s been rewarding. Every role, big or small, has led to the next opportunity. I have no regrets.

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What’s next for you after ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar‘?
I am busy with ‘Gandhi’ and promoting ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar.’ As for comedy roles post-‘Madgaon Express,’ I am open to them, but currently occupied with other projects.
Hansal Mehta praised your comedy in ‘Madgaon Express.’ What’s your collaboration like?
Hansal enjoyed it and expressed interest in collaborating on a good comedy project.

Tell us about ‘Gandhi.’
It’s a significant project for me. I have been preparing for years through my stage performances. It’s a role I am thrilled to portray.
You’ve recently purchased a house in Juhu. How does that feel?
It’s like coming back home. Juhu holds a special place in my heart, and being able to provide comfort for my family there is fulfilling.
How do you feel about your current state of mind and career?
Grateful and content. To have writers and directors think of me for their projects and audiences eager to see my work is a dream come true.
What’s your perspective on stardom?
For me, it’s about versatility and reaching people with diverse characters. I want to attract audiences to both films and theater.
And what about the box office?
It’s essential for investors, but it can’t solely determine a film’s worth. It’s a collaborative effort, and success shouldn’t rest solely on one person’s shoulders.

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