prakash raj says lots of people dont work with him now due to his politics

Prakash Raj says lots of people don’t work with him now due to his politics:

Prakash Raj has been outspoken about his political views. The actor has been a vocal critic of the current government at the centre and even contested elections in 2019 from Bengaluru. He regularly tweets about social and political issues but admits that all this comes at a cost. His politics has now begun to affect his work and the relationships he had forged in the film industry over the years. (Also read: Prakash Raj says pandemic ‘stopped the mafia’ in entertainment industry: ‘You see the fakeness is dying’)

Speaking exclusively with Hindustan Times about the impact of his political views on his work relationships, Prakash says, “It is getting affected. Now, some people don’t work with me not because they have been told not to. But because they are worried ‘they’ may not approve. I am strong and rich enough to lose all that. I always feel my fear will be somebody’s power.”

But the actor says he does not regret it a bit as he wants his legacy to be more than just his on screen work. “Now, I know who is who. I feel more liberated because if I had not raised my voice, I would have died being known just as a good actor because of my roles. But not because of who I am. But doing so comes with a cost. I can afford it,” he says.

The veteran actor recognises that there are several stars who do not speak up but he does not hold it against them. He says, “A lot of other actors are silent and I don’t blame them because they can’t afford it. They’ll be pushed and there is no point for them to tolerate that. They won’t survive. It’s not as if they are wrong.”

Prakash Raj’s latest web series Mukhbir began streaming on Zee5 last Friday. The show also stars Zain Khan Durrani and Adil Hussain. Prior to this, the actor was seen in a small role in Mani Ratnam’s Tamil epic Poinniyin Selvan: I, one of the highest-grossing Indian films of the year.


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