Philippine accuses Chinese vessels of ‘dangerous’ manoeuvres


Philippine Coast Guard

has alleged that Chinese vessels engaged in “dangerous” manoeuvres during a nine-day patrol near a reef off the coast of the country.
In a statement, the Philippine Coast Guard stated that

Chinese Coast Guard

(CCG) vessels “performed dangerous and blocking manoeuvres at sea against BRP Teresa Magbanua four times, with the


vessels crossing the bow of the


vessel twice”
The BRP Teresa Magbanua was deployed to patrol the waters around Scarborough Shoal, which China seized from the


in 2012.

The primary objective of the patrol was to ensure the safety of Filipino fishermen in the area.

However, during the patrol, the Philippine Coast Guard reported being “shadowed” by four Chinese Coast Guard vessels on more than 40 occasions. Additionally, the coast guard noted the presence of four Chinese

Maritime Militia

The Philippine Coast Guard’s allegations have not yet received a response from the Chinese embassy in Manila.
The incident highlights the ongoing tensions between China and the Philippines over territorial disputes in the

South China Sea

. The Philippines has consistently voiced its concerns regarding China’s assertiveness in the region, particularly in areas claimed by both countries.
(With AFP input)

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