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Pakistani hackers deface Burger Singh website; read hackers’ message


A Pakistani hacking group known as

Team Insane PK

has targeted domestic fast-food chain

Burger Singh

with a cyberattack. The company took to social media platform X (previously Twitter) to reveal that the group not only infiltrated the burger franchise but also revamped its website on the of February 27. This cyberattack left behind a digital graffiti wall that echoed their mischievous exploits on the company’s site.

Burger Singh is yet to revive its website as it stills seems compromised at the time of writing.

Read what the hackers said

The hacker group used Burger Singh’s website to deliver its message. The group warned Indians who are “defacing” Pakistan websites to “stay away from Pakistani Cyber Space.” The hackers also uploaded a YouTube video on the website promoting the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).



The hackers wrote: “Tea Was Fantastic lol india
Today the nation pays rich tribute to PAF for a befitting response to the Indian violation of Pakistan’s air space on the pretext of false flag Pulwama attack. We are mindful of our duty to defend the country. Let no one make any mistake about it..
Security is just an illusion


What the company said

In an advisory addressed to its customers, Burger Singh acknowledged the digital breach on the X post . The message revealed that the hackers who were previously involved in digital activities with Delhi Police, Mumbai Police and others, chose to pay special attention to Burger Singh’s online domain.

The company noted that the cyber incident traces back to a promotional misstep which featured a promo code – “FPAK20” – which had geo-political undertones. This promotion attracted an unexpected interest from the hackers who turned Burger Singh’s website into a platform to deliver their message.
Burger Singh expressed confidence in its ability to overcome this hiccup and assured customers that the digital disruption is just a momentary setback. The company also maintained a positive outlook and hinted at focusing on creating the next big thing to elevate their brand.
In its X post, Burger Singh noted: “Keep calm and carry on. Our digital hiccup is just that – a hiccup. Our journey is filled with more ups than downs, more burgers than breaches, and certainly, more laughs than worries.”

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