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Pak fighter’s fan moment with ‘Superstar’ Salman


Pakistani fighter

Shahzaib Rind

has made headlines for his recent fanboy moment with

Salman Khan

in Dubai.
The fighter stole the spotlight during a recent sporting event, where he not only secured a victory but also expressed his admiration for the Bollywood superstar. Rind had a triumphant 2-1 win against India’s Rana Sing in a knockout match.
Taking the microphone post-match, Rind couldn’t contain his excitement as he addressed Salman, declaring, “I’ve been watching your movies since childhood.” He also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to fight in front of his idol, stating, “It’s been a pleasure to fight in front of you.”

Beyond his admiration for Salman, Rind also used the platform to advocate for peace between India and Pakistan, dedicating his win to ‘peace’.

“This fight is for peace. We are not enemies, we are together. Together, we can do anything,” he said, sharing his sentiment for goodwill.

Following the match, Rind had the chance to meet his Bollywood hero in person, who extended his congratulations on the impressive victory. Khan said, “Great fight, har jagah 20 seconds mein knockout.”

Salman also played the doting uncle and introduced

Sanjay Dutt

‘s son, Shahraan Dutt to Shahzaib.

The event also witnessed a special reunion between Salman and his ‘Sultan’ co-star,

MMA fighter Tyron Woodley

. Reflecting on their on-screen camaraderie, Salman humorously remarked, “My ribs still hurt,” referencing their memorable fight scenes in the film.

This public appearance marked Khan’s return to the spotlight following recent security concerns. Last weekend, the actor faced threats to his life, with two individuals opening fire outside his Mumbai residence. Despite the unsettling incident, Salman remained undeterred, with heightened security measures in place as he continued to fulfil his professional commitments and maintain his work routine.

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