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OnePlus products sales may be stopped because of this threat! The confrontation in 6 points


Barely a week after the launch of the OnePlus Nord CE4 smartphone in India, the company’s products are in danger of not being put up for sale. The threat stems from mobile retailers who are quoting unresolved issues for threatening this drastic step. The retailers association has expressed its disappointment at the current impasse and sought a quick resolution. The retailers’ body said, “Despite our persistent efforts to address these concerns with your company, little progress or resolution has been achieved. Promises made have not been fulfilled, leaving us with no recourse but to take this drastic measure.”

One Plus products not to be available for sale soon? Know what ORA is threatening to do.(HT_PRINT)
One Plus products not to be available for sale soon? Know what ORA is threatening to do.(HT_PRINT)

I. The Ultimatum

The South India Organised Retailers Association (ORA) has issued a warning to stop the sale of OnePlus products and that too from as soon as May 1. The mobile retailers’ body is citing some allegedly unresolved issues.

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II. ORA Grievances Voiced

ORA has voiced its grievances in a letter addressed to Ranjeet Singh, Sales Director of OnePlus Technology India and it cites a year-long struggle with persisting obstacles and it indicated that since there was a lack of progress despite efforts to resolve concerns, it was taking this step.

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III. ORA Has A Profit Margin Predicament

ORA says that mobile retailers are facing consistently having to book low profit margins on OnePlus products and that this is proving to be quite a challenge to sustain businesses amidst rising operational costs. On top of this issue is the problem of the financial strain being exacerbated by non-moving product requirements, PTI reported. And most of all, it said, there is the problem of slim margins.

IV. Customer Dissatisfaction

ORA also listed a number of problems that its customers were facing due to delays and complications in warranty and service claims processing. It says that even the escalation of issues has failed to yield resolutions.

V. The Bundlng challenge

Mobile retailers are also facing the complicated problem of model-specific bundling requirements and these are exacerbating challenges.

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VI. The Call to Action

ORA said that the ball is OnePlus curt and that this should serve as an urgent plea to address concerns before month-end. It added that proactive measures are required to salvage the partnership. ORA letter concluded by saying, “Regrettably, the ongoing issues have left us with no alternative but to discontinue the sale of your products in our stores.”

About ORA

ORA is a collective body of South India’s organized trade retailers devoted to address member concerns.

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