‘OMG 2’ leaked plot to allegedly revolve around homophobia: Details inside

Akshay Kumar will soon return to the big screen with the second instalment of the satirical comedy-drama ‘OMG’. Early this month, the actor had fans buzzing about the film after he released the trailer and a couple of character posters. According to the reports, this sequel will revolve around the subject of

sex education

in Indian schools.
Now, according to the latest reports, the film’s plot has leaked online via a Reddit account. A viral post on the site claims that the film will revolve around a gay boy who gets bullied in college and commits suicide. The post adds, ‘Hurt by it, the college professor (

Pankaj Tripathi

) tried to make sex education compulsory so that students could learn and bullying will reduce. The religious oppose it calling it ‘against God’s will’. The case follows with the help of Lord Shiva (Akshay Kumar).’
While there is no proof that the film will revolve around the topic of


, a news report claims that the alleged ‘leak’ holds no merit.
Meanwhile, the film directed by

Amit Rai

and co-starring Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautamand Arun Govil, is already courting controversy for featuring a scene where Lord Shiva is anointed with water coming from a railway water pipe.


Censor Board of Film Certification

(CFBC) has now refused to give the certificate to release the film and has sent the same to the review committee. With the particular scene in question, social media users have voiced their anger and claimed that their sentiments have been hurt by this scene.
The film is set to release on August 11.

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