No tap or scan: Your car can pay for fuel directly

MUMBAI: After cards, phones, and smartwatches, ‘pay by car’ – launched by Amazon and Mastercard-backed


– is the latest mode for making payments. The service has been enabled by linking UPI with the car’s infotainment system. This way, a car owner can pay digitally without a smartphone.
The payment company, which specialises in using sound to transmit payment information, demonstrated this technology in partnership with

MG Hector

and Bharat Petroleum.
Upon driving to a fuel station, the fuel dispenser number is shown on the car’s infotainment system, and the soundbox announces the customer’s arrival to alert the fuel station staff. Customers then enter the amount – which is announced via the soundbox – they wish to purchase fuel for, resulting in a contactless transaction.
According to the company, other applications include recharging the car’s Fastag, with the balance being displayed on the infotainment screen.

Earlier, ToneTag had successfully executed the challenge to develop an offline voice-based payment through any phone under

RBI’s sandbox

. The objective was to enable payments for those who need to be digitally savvy or find it difficult to use apps.
At the

Global Fintech Fest

, ToneTag also unveiled conversational payments on UPI in partnership with NPCI, enabling bill payments over a phone conversation. ToneTag is the first company to have enabled contactless payment acceptance on point-of-sale machines using sound. The company was founded in 2013 by Kumar Abhishek.

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