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Nitish Kumar’s faux pas at PM’s rally in Bihar


NEW DELHI: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday committed a faux pas after making an erroneous prediction that the


would secure “more than 4,000 seats” in the Lok Sabha, a number far exceeding the actual strength of the lower house.
Kumar, who leads the JD(U) and recently rejoined the BJP-led alliance, committed the gaffe during a rally in Nawada district, where he was speaking ahead of Prime Minister

Narendra Modi


In a widely circulated segment of his speech, Kumar stumbled over his words, initially saying “char lakh (four lakh)” before correcting himself to say “char hazaar se bhi zyada (more than 4,000)”, while addressing the PM and expressing his hope for a “400 plus tally” in the upcoming elections.
Following this slip-up, several RJD leaders, including spokesperson Sarika Paswan, shared the video of Kumar criticizing the performance of RJD president Lalu Prasad and his wife Rabri Devi during their respective tenures as Bihar’s chief ministers.

“The chief minister wanted to wish more than four lakh MPs to the PM. Then he probably thought it would be too much and 4,000 would be sufficient,” Paswan wrote on X in a post in Hindi.
Nitish Kumar, the longest-serving chief minister of Bihar, has been in the news for slips of the tongue on a few occasions in the past.

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