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Netherlands riots: Police cars torched as rival groups clash



Rival groups

of Eritreans clashed in the Netherlands on Saturday night, resulting in the torching of police cars and a bus, according to the police, reported AP.
The unrest took place in

The Hague

, where officers resorted to tear gas to control the situation. Images showed vehicles engulfed in flames and numerous men in the streets, some hurling rocks.

“It got seriously out of hand,” said

Robin Middel

, spokesperson for The Hague Municipality. Middel explained that a group loyal to Eritrea’s government was holding a meeting when it was attacked by Eritreans who oppose the current African government.
Police spokesperson Kristianne van Blanken mentioned that that the number of injured and apprehended are unclear for now.

In September 2023, dozens of individuals, including 26 police officers, were injured during unrest surrounding an Eritrean cultural festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Similarly, a confrontation between Eritrean government supporters and opponents in

Tel Aviv

led to violent street clashes among African asylum-seekers and migrants.
Furthermore, a clash at an Eritrean festival in Giessen, Germany, earlier this year left 22 police officers injured.
Large numbers of individuals have sought refuge in Europe, escaping Eritrea, with many claiming mistreatment under the leadership of President Isaias Afwerki’s government.

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