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Mukesh slams Zeenat’s stance on live-in relationships


Veteran actor

Mukesh Khanna

has voiced strong criticism against yesteryear actress

Zeenat Aman

‘s recent comments encouraging youths to consider

live-in relationships

before marriage.
“In our culture and history, a thing like a live-in relationship has never been recognized. It has come from

western civilization



told Dainik Jagran.
He further criticized Zeenat’s advocacy for live-in arrangements, attributing her views to a Western lifestyle that differs from Indian cultural norms.



Aman is talking about this, she has lived her life according to the western civilization from the very first day. What Zeenat Aman is talking about is not acceptable for a boy and a girl to get to know each other through marriage,” he stated.
Mukesh raised concerns about the potential consequences of such arrangements, suggesting that living together as husband and wife outside of marriage could lead to unforeseen challenges and moral dilemmas for individuals involved.

Saira Banu joins Mumtaz in criticising Zeenat Aman’s stance on live-in relationships: ‘It’s something unimaginable and…’

“First of all, if they live together like husband and wife, then imagine what will happen to both of them. Those who are saying such things, they should speak thoughtfully,” Mukesh concluded.


Saira Banu

shared her perspective on the matter and said that she would never advocate live-in relationships as it is something unimaginable and unacceptable for her.


, known for her straightforward approach, also criticized Zeenat by pointing out that her own marriage with Mazhar Khan had been tumultuous, casting doubt on her suitability to offer relationship guidance.

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