Micro review: ‘Pageboy’ by Elliot Page


trans actor

, director, and producer

Elliot Page

has published his debut memoir titled ‘Pageboy’. The Academy Award-nominated actor Elliot Page has penned down this groundbreaking coming-of-age memoir sharing candid insights into topics such as gender, love, mental health, relationships, and their experiences in the world of Hollywood.
Page’s memoir delves into their experiences growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada, and his coming out first as queer and later as transgender.

He bravely discusses the challenges he faced while navigating his identity, particularly the pressure he felt to conceal his true self in the entertainment industry.
Through a non-linear narrative, Page’s book takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster, offering intimate stories that touch on various aspects of his life. He recounts his pursuit of hidden love affairs, struggles with body image, and the complexities of familial relationships. Amidst all of this, the memoir serves as an inspiration for embracing love, dealing with fame, and stepping into one’s authentic self with courage, happiness, and connection.
Page also shares the harsh realities of bullying and


he encountered from both peers and family members. He candidly discusses his battle with body dysmorphia, self-harm, and disordered eating. Moreover, he highlights the transformative impact of receiving gender-affirming care and finding solace within a supportive community.

‘Pageboy’ is a raw and powerful memoir that sheds light on important issues surrounding identity, acceptance, and resilience.
How critics view the book-
Kirkus Reviews

calls it, “An affecting and timely memoir.”
Jamie Lee Curtis says, “‘The emergence of our true selves is all of our life’s work. ‘Pageboy’ helps chart the course.”

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