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‘Marriage, mental health suffered due to Roadies’


Since the early 2000s, ‘MTV Roadies’ has been a highly popular

reality show

on Indian television. Although the show still maintains a fan base, in recent years it has lost some of its charm.

Raghu Ram

, who is a former judge and executive producer of ‘Roadies’, judged the MTV show for a very long time. He recently talked about the reason as to why he left the reality show.

Raghu also revealed how the show had an impact on his marriage and

mental health

. According to him,

MTV Roadies

“jumped the shark” when he and his brother

Rajiv Lakshman

left the show.
During an interview with India Today, Raghu said, “Personally, my life was going through a lot of upheaval because of Roadies and because of the surrounding craze. My marriage was suffering. Ultimately, I got divorced. My mental health, my physical health and everything else was just crazy. I needed to take a step away. So I stopped, and I’m glad I did. Not one day have I regretted walking away.”
Raghu revealed he was “done, fed up” with the show and walked away at the time when it was highly popular. He added that he disagreed with MTV’s desire to make the show in a particular way. A “certain populist kind of angle to it” was what the channel was looking for, he said.
When asked if he will return to the show, Raghu said, “No, not going to happen. We were asked, but no, I don’t want to. I haven’t seen Roadies ever since I left. It is not ‘that’ Roadies now. It is a completely different show with the name Roadies on it. The format can be compared more to the voice than to the previous Roadies. When Rajiv and I walked away that day, that show was over. That particular format was over.”

‘Roadies’ is a youth-based reality show, which was launched on August 15, 2003. The show aired on the channel

MTV India

. Raghu and Rajiv played a pivotal role in the show as they produced as well as judged the show. Eventually, they left it in 2014. The show was hosted by Cyrus Sahukar, Rannvijay, Bani J, and Sonu Sood.

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