Maniesh Paul lost 10 kgs in 3 weeks


Maniesh Paul

‘s massive body transformation has surprised many. In a recent post, the actor’s trainer

Praveen Nair

had revealed the weight loss journey. Maniesh is now preparing for his new project


for which he lost 10 kilos within 3 weeks.

“He had to look fat first, and then look his best lean version”

In a long post on social media, Nair has shared the challenges he and Maniesh faced during the journey.

“The biggest challenge that we faced was “he had to look fat first and within a matter of three weeks wanted to look at his best lean version”,” he writes.

The weight loss strategy

Nair writes: First thing as a coach I did was calculated time, goal, calories intake and calories output, sat with Paully and made him understand the whole road map when he heard it at first he knew it is not going to be easy but, he is a man of his words once he decides then he will be only stopped once he is done.

Nair says, the actor had to wrap up his gym workout by 7am as his shoot began at 7.30 am. He says, Maniesh “stayed focus on diet and workout no matter what if the day went too long like till 12:00 am or if there is no diet food available, we planned everything to its perfection or by pre-planning in order to meet regular goals and today standing here so proud of those days of hard work.”
We have seen actors changing their diet and workout to fit into the roles they sign to play on screen. From Shahrukh Khan to Ram Charan actors have amazed us with their discipline and dedication towards work.

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