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Malaika hates Arhaan’s trait adopted from Arbaaz


Arhaan Khan

, who is the son of former couple

Arbaaz Khan


Malaika Arora

, made his debut with a


titled ‘

Dumb Biryani

’ along with his friends. The lads invited Arbaaz and Sohail Khan for a sit-down conversation in the first episode, during which they discussed responsibility, relationships, and other topics.
After hosting the first episode of the podcast ‘Dumb Biryani’ successfully, the second one was released online a couple of hours ago.

It features Malaika Arora and Sarjita Raiyani as they spill some secrets on the show. Actress, model, and ace dancer Malaika Arora spoke about her life, her future plans, and more.
She played the fun game ‘Truth or Spice’ with her son Arhaan Khan in the show. Khan urged his mother to discuss the positive and negative qualities he has inherited from his father and actor Arbaaz Khan during their conversation.
Malaika revealed, “Your mannerisms are just like him. It’s shocking how similar you are. Even the way you (scratch your ear) do all of these things.” To this, Arhaan said, “Just because I did that.” Malaika was quick to add, “No, it’s a fact. The twitch, it’s just like that. All your mannerisms are just like your dad, everything,” she stated.

She further added, “They’re not very attractive mannerisms, but they’re just like your dad. You’re very, which your dad has the same trait. These are very fair and adjustable, which is that he never goes overboard about things, he is very clear about certain things, and that trait you have. But at the same time, you can also be extremely indecisive, just like him, which is my least favorite. You can’t decide the colour of your shirt. You can’t decide what you want to eat. You can’t decide what time you should wake up; it’s just like that.”

Arhaan quickly replied, “I have such a good routine.” To this, Malaika said, “You do, of course, because you get that from me.”
Arhaan Khan along with his two friends, Arhaan Khan, Dev Raiyani, and Arush Verma, joined hands to come up with their podcast show called ‘Dumb Biryani’. The show is streaming on their YouTube channel.

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