Maanvi Gagroo: In this season Kirti was very much into herself

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maanvi gagroo in this season kirti was very much into herself

Actor Maanvi Gagroo has reacted to her Four More Shots Please, co-actor Kirti Kulhari’s statement that she’s not close to the three of them and they have groups she’s not part of.

“In this season Kirti was very much into herself. She preferred spending a lot of time alone and we girls totally respected that. As we have known each other for so long we well understand whether the person is upset or happy. So, we know when to leave the person alone and let her be on her own. To sum it up, I’ll say that ab hume acting nai karni padti dost hone ki. For me we are friends forever.”

After working in three seasons together, the Ujda Chaman actor, feels the bonding between the ‘gang of girls’ has become too strong over the years.

“Very much like in FMSP we are off-screen girl gang too and are well connected. We have a chat group where just four of us (Kirti, Bani J, Sayani Gupta) are there. And we keep it updated with regular girly talks.”

On work front, the Tripling actor is happy getting to play characters that have no physical attributes attached to them.

“Earlier I used to play these plus size or chubby characters. My frame of mind was that I’ll be conveying some kind of message attached to these social stigmas but I don’t do that anymore!”

Talking about getting typecast, Gagroo says, “As far as getting image-bound I have realised that eventually it’s all in my hands. Like when I’ll put on weight then similar roles will follow. As of now I am glad that things have changed and I’m getting to play different roles.”

Photo credit: Vinay Pratap Singh/HT

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