Low-calorie high-protein snacks

Jul 6, 2023

Devanshi Batra

​Protein is satiating

Protein intake can promote a healthy body as it will cut down your cravings. Check out these 8 high-protein, low-calorie snacks.


​Cottage cheese

Prepare your cottage cheese at home with low fat milk and toss it in with some veggies or fruits, add herbs and enjoy!


​Trail mix

Mix some raisins, seeds, almonds to fix a quick snack option that’s rich in protein.


​Greek yogurt

Add some berries to your Greek yogurt and enjoy this sugar less sweet dessert anytime you like.


​Egg whites

Eggs are amazingly versatile and egg whites are rich in protein and safe to have when you are on a weight loss diet.


​Chia pudding

Soak some chia seeds in water or milk and snack on it when the cravings get tough to pass.


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​Peanut butter

You can make peanut butter balls by mixing it with rolled oats, flaxseed and chia seeds. When you crave something sweet, feast on these balls.


​Chickpea salad

Keep soaked and boiled chickpea and prepare a nice salad with it.


​Protein bars

You can make protein bars at home too but if you feel lazy, just pick a few from your nearest mart (after thoroughly checking the ingredient list) and enjoy!


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