Law panel: Not linked to UCC WhatsApp messages doing rounds


Law Commission

on Friday issued a disclaimer to inform the public regarding certain WhatsApp messages and calls being circulated pertaining to the

Uniform Civil Code

“It has come to notice that certain phone numbers are rotating among individuals, falsely associating them with the Law Commission. It is clarified that the commission has no involvement or connection with these texts, calls or messages, and disclaims any responsibility or endorsement thereof,” it said. The Law Commission only communicates through official channels, including its website

and official publication through the

Press Information Bureau

,” the panel said.
“Individuals are encouraged to visit the official website of the Law Commission to access the public notice issued in this regard,” it said, adding that it is stated in the public notice, dated June 14, that “suggestions, views or inputs regarding the Uniform Civil Code may be presented through ‘click here’ button or by email at

to the Law Commission of India”.

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