Last 5 years were of reform, perform, transform: PM Modi in LS

NEW DELHI: Addressing Lok Sabha on the final day of the Budget Session,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

on Saturday said that last five years of the 17th Lok Sabha were of “






“. He added that the country has made significant strides during this period, in which a strong foundation of a 21st-century India can be seen.
PM Modi said many game-changing reforms since 2019 have contributed to the swift pace of substantial changes within the nation.

He credited the collective effort of all members of the lower house for completing tasks that people had awaited for centuries.
Referring to the resolution endorsed on Saturday regarding the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the Ram Temple, PM Modi emphasized that it will bestow constitutional authority upon future generations, enabling them to take pride in the nation’s heritage.

He highlighted that the resolution encompasses ‘Samvedna’ (empathy), ‘Sankalp’ (resolve), and ‘Sahanubhuti’ (compassion), coupled with the guiding principle of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ (development for all).
“The motion on Ram Mandir passed by the House will give coming generations the constitutional power to be proud of the values of the country,” PM Modi said.
During the session, PM Modi also spoke about the historic removal of Article 370 from J&K, fulfilling a long-standing dream of a unified Constitution.

He praised the 17th Lok Sabha for taking pivotal decisions, such as criminalise triple talaq and clearing the women’s reservation bill, to steer the country in an appropriate direction.
Expressing gratitude to MPs and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, he commended the chair for leading the House impartially with a constant smile.
“You (Birla) always had a smile on your face no matter what happens. You led this House in an impartial manner and I laud you for it. There were times of anger and accusations but you handled these situations with patience and ran the house wisely,” PM Modi said, hailing Birla.
Recalling the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, PM Modi said that Birla ensured the continuity of parliamentary work while maintaining the dignity of the House.
The Prime Minister also credited Birla for the decision to construct a new building for the Lok Sabha, a vision that became a reality during the 17th Lok Sabha.
In addition, PM Modi acknowledged the Speaker’s leadership in the ceremonial installation of the ‘sengol in the House.
The 17th Lok Sabha achieved an impressive 97% productivity, with Modi expressing the aspiration to surpass 100% productivity in the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha.
“Elections are not very far, a few might be nervous. But this is an essential aspect of democracy. We all accept it proudly. I believe that our elections will increase the pride of the country and follow the democratic tradition – which surprises the world,” PM Modi said ahead of the

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