Kerala deploys AI cameras to reduce traffic violations

Witnessing an increasing number of

road accidents

and traffic rule violations,

Artificial Intelligence

(AI) cameras have been deployed on Kerala’s roads, said

Kerala Transport Minister

Antony Raju on Sunday in a leadership camp organized for National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers.
He said that the state used to report around 4.5 lakh

traffic violations

every month before the

AI cameras

‘ installation. These numbers are now reduced to 2.5 lakh with the deployment of Artificial Intelligence cameras, he added.
The Kerala Transport Minister said that the number of road accidents has also come down. He said that AI cameras in Kerala were in fact beneficial for society as it was able to save the lives of several people.
“Before the installation of AI cameras, around 4.5 lakh traffic violations were being reported in the state every month. With the installation of cameras in June, this has come down to 2.5 lakh. The number of road accidents has also come down,” Raju said.

“The AI cameras have reported law violations from VIPs to commoners, proving that everyone is equal before the law. The state has been able to prove that AI cameras were beneficial to society,” he said.
Recently, Tamil Nadu transport officials also visited Kerala to study the AI camera installation, and how it helped in bringing down the fatal road accidents and traffic violations in the Southern state.

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The Kerala Transport Minister also said that the road safety regulations will be soon included in the syllabus of school.

The Artificial Intelligence cameras were installed to monitor traffic violations on Kerala’s roads under the Safe Kerala project. According to the official data, the number of road accidents in July 2023 was 67 as compared to 313 recorded last year in July.
With inputs from PTI

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