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Kapur vs Bhimseni Kapur: Which is better?


01/6​What is aura cleansing?

All around the world there are different methods used by people when it comes to spiritual practices. From something as simple as meditation to a more complex aura cleanse, there are different methods that humans use to achieve peace and clarity.
And aura cleansing is a part of spiritual practice which is aimed at removing any sorts of negative energies, attachments, blocks, evil intentions and the likes from a person’s aura or their energy. The aura is believed to be a source of energy for people which surrounds the whole body and cleansing it can help it better physical and emotional well-being.


02/6​The ordinary kapur

The easily available and ordinary kapur or ‘Camphor’ as people know it is natural or synthetic. It is a white, crystalline substance taken from the wood of camphor trees or made artificially from turpentine oil.

The camphor that we see in everyday life has a strong, distinctive odour and is commonly used in religious ceremonies, aromatherapy, and limited medicine practices. The regular kapur is readily available in the market and is used in Indian households for various purposes.


03/6​A different Bhimseni kapur

Bhimseni kapur or Bhimseni camphor is a different and specific type which is famous for its quality and purity. It is said that the Bhimseni Kapur is taken from the bark of the Bhimseni tree or Cinnamomum Camphora, which is not very readily available. Bhimseni kapur is considered more powerful and has a stronger aroma as compared to ordinary camphor. While ordinary kapur tablets are usually used for puja and rituals, Bhimseni kapur is used for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

But, one should also remember that Bhimseni kapur is less commonly found and is usually a bit more expensive.


04/6​Difference between the two

The main difference between the two comes in the form of their extraction and what they are used for.
Bhimseni kapur is usually extracted from the bark of the Bhimseni Kapoor tree and is said to be of better and purer quality as compared to the ordinary camphor tablets which are often synthetic. Plus, as it is naturally sourced and there are rarely any artificial additions in them, the Bhimseni kapur has a stronger and more pleasant aroma, as compared to the overwhelming smell of the camphor tablets that are readily available.
And because they are naturally sourced and not commonly found, Bhimseni camphor is pricier due to its limited availability.


05/6​Which is better for an aura cleanse?

For many, it can be extremely confusing to choose between ordinary kapur and Bhimseni kapur. But really, it only depends on individual preferences as to what would serve them best. For people who do not wish to spend a ton of money on camphor choices, a silent, peaceful environment and the aroma of normal camphor tablets is the way to go. But if you are looking for something more organic and intense, Bhimseni kapur is preferred.


06/6​Why do people prefer Bhimseni kapur?

​While individual decision is the key in this topic, there are many aura cleansing practitioners and experts who prefer using Bhimseni kapur. It is said that owing to its superior purity and power, Bhimseni kapur can give people a deeper and more intense cleansing experience. Its strong aroma and higher quality make it the best option for people who want a professional aura cleanse and are really looking for a fresh start which they feel is being obstructed by an impure or negative aura. It is also believed that Bhimseni kapur has higher energy when it comes to spiritual purification and aura cleansing rituals to a higher level.


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