kanishka soni refutes rumours of self pregnancy

Kanishka Soni refutes rumours of ‘self-pregnancy

Published on Nov 10, 2022 10:31 AM IST

Kanishka Soni has refuted all rumours of ‘self pregnancy’ and added that it is a good plan to have the child she wants. She also said that she will consider it when she is financially stable.

Kanishka Soni refutes rumours of self pregnancy.
Kanishka Soni refutes rumours of self pregnancy.

After reports of her ‘self-pregnancy’ were shared online, actor Kanishka Soni refuted the rumours on social media. The rumours come months after she married herself in a private ceremony. However, the actor also said that she would love to have a child that has ‘green or blue eyes’. (Also read: Kanishka Soni on getting hate for marrying herself)

Sharing a picture of herself, Kanishka wrote on Instagram Stories, “I am waking up with news on self pregnant rumours. It is a surprise for me.” She also shared screenshots of news articles, and wrote that it was all a surprise for her.

In one of her posts, she wrote, “Who broke this news on the internet? I am seriously waking up with surprise, it is funny.” She also jokingly shared a picture of herself in ethnic wear and wrote, “God bharai ki taiyyari (prep for baby shower).” She added the hashtag ‘self pregnant’

Kanishka Soni's Instagram posts.
Kanishka Soni’s Instagram posts.

Kanishka also shared a video of herself from the swimming pool. She said in the video, “Hi guys I am a self-married, and now as per rumours, also self-pregnant who is in the swimming pool, focussing on keeping myself fit and fine.”

In a recent interview with Aaj Tak, Kanishka said, “My mom started laughing when she came to know about the reports. She said the technology is so advanced these days that I can get self pregnant. In fact, the rest of family also laughed off the matter. They even said they’d be okay if I ever decide to get self pregnant.”

She added, “I have always wanted a child with green or blue eyes. I wish for a blue-eyed foreigner child, and there is nothing wrong with it. My family is okay with it. I have heard a lot (taunts) because of my wheatish complexion, I want a fair child. Two men broke up with me because of my skin colour. Now, I can get the child I wish. I will definitely not go for surrogacy, I am fit enough to have my own child. I will consider this plan when I am more financially stable.”

In August this year, Kanishka shared pictures of herself with sindoor and mangalsutra and revealed that she had married herself. Ever since, she has spoken a lot about the reasons behind her choice and how gender disparity triggered it. Kanishka is best known for her performance in the populr TV show Diya Aur Baati Hum.

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