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Kamal dismisses suicide theories about Divya Bharti



Kamal Sadanah

, who worked closely with

Divya Bharti

during her flourishing career, reminisced about her vibrant personality and talent while sharing his perspective on the circumstances of her untimely passing.
Opening up about


Bharti’s tragic death,


told Siddharth Kannan, “Divya’s death was really sad. She was one of the most talented actresses.

Great fun to work with. She was so much fun. She could say anything, she could do anything. But she was daring,” Kamal expressed, while talking about Divya’s infectious energy and fearless approach to her craft. He fondly remembered her playful nature and daring spirit while comparing her charisma to that of the legendary


Reflecting on the moment he learned about Divya’s demise, Kamal recalled the disbelief and shock that followed. “I just finished shooting with her… I think, 2-3 days ago. And the next day, I called her and said, Divya is dead. I said, how can that be possible?” he shared while expressing the surreal nature of losing a colleague and friend so suddenly.

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Dismissing the speculation and theories surrounding Divya’s death, Kamal maintained his belief that it was a

tragic accident

. “I truly believe it was a slip. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. She had a couple of drinks at that time and she was farting around, she was in that energy. I truly believe it was just an accident. I was shooting with her a few days before. And she was fine. She had great films which she had completed. She had her own line of films. She would have been one of the top stars in the 90s. In my heart, I truly believe it was a slip,” Kamal said.

Sadanah also touched on the challenges and tragedies he has faced personally, including the loss of close friends and near-death experiences. He also opened up about losing his family to a tragic incident where his father, under the influence of alcohol, shot him, his mother and his sister on his birthday. Despite these challenging times, he shared his gratitude for the opportunities life has given him.

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