Jo Lindner dies of rippling muscle disease

01/630 year old bodybuilder’s death has shocked everyone

German bodybuilder Jo Lindner’s death has drawn massive attention towards the rippling muscle disease, of which the 30 year old has died. The death of the bodybuilder has been confirmed through social media post, made by Lindner’s friends, who fondly call him “Joesthetics”. In June, Lindner had revealed suffering from rippling muscle disease or RMD. In an episode of YouTuber Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk he had described his health condition which he said was technically a cramp.


02/6​What is rippling muscle disease?​

As per the US government’s Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD), rippling muscle disease is a rare condition of the muscles the symptoms of which begin during late childhood. A change in the CAV3 gene cause this disease. The CAV3 gene plays a crucial role in the synthesis of a protein called caveolin-3, which is found in the membrane surrounding muscle cells. The gene also helps in regulating the calcium levels in the muscle cells, which have a major role in controlling muscle contraction and relaxation.


03/6​What are its symptoms?​

The common symptoms of rippling muscle disease are muscle irritability and visible rippling of the muscles. The individual experiences fatigue, cramps, and muscle stiffness after intense physical activity. The muscles also respond aggressively to cold temperatures.


04/6​How does a pain in rippling muscle disease feels like?​

A typical pain associated with this disease is felt in the thighs. Visible ripples are seen across the muscle and lasts up to 5 to 20 seconds. As per health reports, the rapid contraction sometimes continues up to 30 seconds and are extremely painful.


05/6​Lindner shared workout tips on social media​

The German star had more than 900,000 subscribers on social media and shared workout tips, diet and even his shoe collection. “The influencer said prior to his death he had been experiencing pain in his neck,” The Metro reported.


06/6​What are the risks associated with rippling muscle disease?​

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