Jin leaves BTS ARMY teary-eyed with details about his birthday and military service, fan says: ‘This tore me up

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jin leaves bts army teary eyed with details about his birthday and military service fan says this tore me up

Updated on Nov 13, 2022 01:21 PM IST

Jin spoke about his birthday next month as well as his military service. Here’s what he said that left BTS ARMY in tears.

Jin spoke about his birthday next month.(AP)
Jin spoke about his birthday next month.(AP)

Jin, the eldest member of BTS, left fans teary-eyed as he revealed details about his 30th birthday (international age, he will turn 31 according to Korean culture) next month. Taking to fans on the global fandom platform Weverse on Saturday evening, Jin shared that he will be at the ‘front line’ on his birthday, seemingly hinting at his military service. Jin also spoke about his show Drunk Talk. (Also Read | Jin calls fellow BTS member V best at gaming, reveals J-Hope is worst)

When a fan called the videos fun, Jin said, “I should’ve made a few more. I don’t really have any left.” An ARMY asked Jin to do a live stream of him playing games and he replied, “I almost destroyed my TV while playing Elden ring.” A fan said that Jin will get a lot of ad offers, he said, “I don’t do many ads because working to make ARMYs happy comes first rather than making money.”

When a fan suggested that they will look forward to a ‘mukbang (an eating show) with drinking’, Jin responded, “I should do it with a member. Who should I eat with?” A fan asked Jin to give them makgeolli (Korean alcoholic beverage) as they can drink it in four years. He said, “They say if you don’t make a brand, it’s illegal to give alcohol. That’s why I couldn’t give it to the members either. I have to invite you to my house to drink it.”

Jin shared that he will be at the 'front line' on his birthday.
Jin shared that he will be at the ‘front line’ on his birthday.

A fan asked, “Your birthday is next month, are you excited?” Jin said, as translated by @bora_twts, “No…I’m on the front line.” The Twitter user explained that Jin sounded like he got his assignment in the military. A Twitter user commented, “On his birthday he will be in the military.” A comment also read, “Holding my breath but then the sooner he goes, the sooner he’ll come back. I wish him the safest and kindest day during his service.”

“Not to be dramatic but I’m going to die from a broken heart,” said an ARMY. “Oh no. And it will be cold for him too. I hope he will be able to pass this winter safely,” said a person. Another fan wrote, “This tore me up! I’m sorry I just can’t do this y’all.”

Last month, BTS agency BigHit Music announced the group members’ mandatory military service. It said that the seven members would enlist in the military, putting an end to a debate about whether they should be exempt from the mandatory service requirement of about two years. Jin said he would sign up in December. The group has said they hope to reconvene by 2025.


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