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Japan’s 1st privately developed rocket explodes after takeoff






‘s first

privately developed

rocket, exploded shortly after


on Wednesday. The incident was captured on a

livestreamed video

, which showed the


blasting off from

Wakayama Prefecture

in central Japan.
A huge plume of smoke engulfed the area, and flames shot up in some spots. However, there have been no reports of injuries or other damage.

Efforts were made to put out the blaze in the affected area.
The launch had already been delayed multiple times, with the most recent postponement occurring due to the presence of a ship in a risk area, as reported by Japanese media.
The Tokyo-based startup, Space One, responsible for the rocket launch, has not issued any comment on the incident. If successful,

Space One

would have become the first private company in Japan to put a rocket into orbit.
Space One was established in 2018 with investments from major Japanese companies, including Canon Electronics, IHI, Shimizu, and major banks.

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