Jairam Ramesh denies he unfollowed Rahul Gandhi on Twitter

NEW DELHI: A controversy has broken out over


general secretary in-charge of the communications department Jairam Ramesh’s


handle with some users alleging that he has unfollowed former party president Rahul Gandhi.
The reason behind the row was some tweets, which alleged that he had unfollowed Rahul on the micro-blogging site.
One of the handles @iAnkurSingh tweeted on Thursday night and said, “Congress media head


Ramesh has unfollowed Rahul Gandhi on Twitter. What’s happening in Congress?”
“Fun fact – Rahul Gandhi still follows Jairam Ramesh on Twitter,” he added.

However, talking to TOI, Ramesh, who is also a

Rajya Sabha MP

, refuted the allegation. Asked why and when he unfollowed Rahul on Twitter though the latter follows him from both his handles (@RahulGandhi and @RGWayanadOffice), he shared two screenshots to prove that he still follows the former Congress president.
According to the screenshots from Ramesh’s Twitter handle, it shows he follows Rahul and vice-versa.



However, Ramesh following Rahul is not visible to all.
For instance, Ramesh’s Twitter account shows that he follows 73 handles. But on counting, it was found that there were only 53 handles he is following are visible. The remaining 20 handles are not visible.
It means, these 20 handles are visible to Ramesh but are not seen by other handles. But the reason behind this cannot be understood.
On his part, Ramesh has clarified that he has not unfollowed Rahul. However, to many others his following his leader is not visible.

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