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India’s unemplyoment rate double that of Pak, says Rahul Gandhi





Rahul Gandhi

claimed India’s unemployment rate is double compared to


‘s and said the situation has been the outcome of the poor

financial politics

of Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

The Congress scion said the government’s policies have resulted in the “destruction of

small and medium enterprises

in the country”. He said India is even performing worse than


and Bangladesh on economic and job parameters.

Addressing the public in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior as part of his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said, “The country is facing injustice on many fronts. There is economic and social injustice. Farmers are facing injustice. Our country is facing the worst unemployment rate in the last 40 years. India’s unemployment rate is double that of Pakistan. 23 per cent of youth were unemployed in India and 12 per cent in Pakistan. Our unemployment rate is higher than in Bhutan and Bangladesh as well.”
“Our small and medium enterprises in the country have been destroyed due to due to PM Modi’s implementation of GST and demonetisation,” he added.

According to a 2022 World Bank report, India’s youth unemployment rate stood at 23.22 per cent, surpassing that of its neighbouring countries Pakistan (11.3 per cent) and Bangladesh (12.9 per cent).
Rahul Gandhi also lashes out at the BJP-led Centre for not backing or taking measures for nationwide caste censure. He said that the government wants to hide the fact that businesses in many prominent sectors are owned by those not belonging to backward classes.

“Caste census is the X-ray of India. No one should have a problem with it. They (BJP) don’t want the country to know the truth. In the private sector, look at the owners of hospitals and colleges. These owners will not be coming from backward classes. Look at the MGNREGA list and labourers’ data, there you will find adequate representation from backward classes,” he said.
(With ANI input)

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