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In pics: When Ram Lalla was graced with a Surya tilak


Apr 17, 2024

Aakanksha Sharma

Ram Lalla’s Surya tilak

On Ram Navami 2024, Ram Lalla was for the first time worshipped in the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. And this Ram Navami was nothing less than a spectacle.


The Surya tilak

In a brilliant and successful experiment by researchers from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, the apparatus was placed perfectly for the sun rays to perform Ram Lalla’s tilak.


A beautiful sight

The sight of Ram Lalla’s Surya Tilak was nothing less than magical! With the sun rays falling perfectly on his forehead, it was a sight to behold for every devotee.


A devotional environment

With many respected priests around Ram Lalla, some performing aarti, some singing devotional hymns, the aura of the place was the epitome of love, devotion and compassion.


A straight view

When looked at from the front, this is what it looked like when Lord Surya embraced Ram Lalla’s forehead. The sun rays gently and brilliantly shining on his forehead is rightfully a spectacle.


A closer look

One can only imagine the enthusiasm and environment of Ayodhya today as Lord Surya shines his rays on Lord Ram’s forehead.


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Ram Lalla’s dress for the day

In an exclusive interview with The Times Of India, the designer of Ram Lalla’s poshak (attire) for Ram Navami, Manish Tripathi, shared a few insights about what went into designing this perfect dress.


Designer Manish Tripathi with Ram Lalla

Mr. Tripathi said, “it is hand embroidered and took about 22 days and night. It is hand embroidered with real silver wires and gold polished wires along with tiny darpans.” He also shared that “It is made of khadi and handloom silk.”


A ‘bhavy’ sight

For devotees all over the world, this sight of Ram Lalla’s surya tilak is ‘bhavy’ to say the least. From the devotees who got to witness this in person in Ayodhya to the ones who saw it on their screen, Ram Lalla’s Surya Tilak was a splendid sight.


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