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‘I didn’t make KKR successful…’: Gautam Gambhir


NEW DELHI: Former Indian cricketing stalwart

Gautam Gambhir

embarks on a new chapter in his association with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), transitioning from his tenure as captain to a role as ‘Team Mentor’ with the franchise. As Gambhir takes on this new responsibility, his aim remains clear: to elevate KKR‘s performance and place them in a stronger position than their current standing.

Gambhir’s leadership had been instrumental in guiding Kolkata Knight Riders to two IPL titles over the last decade, solidifying their presence in the fiercely competitive tournament. Now, as he embraces his role as ‘Team Mentor,’ Gambhir is determined to leverage his experience and expertise to steer the franchise towards further success.
“I can assure you that whenever I leave this place (KKR), we will be in a much better position,” Gambhir affirmed during a promotional event ahead of the upcoming IPL season, underscoring his commitment to KKR’s progress.
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Expressing gratitude to the franchise and its owner, Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, Gambhir humbly acknowledged the role KKR played in shaping his career. “I want to make one thing clear. I didn’t make KKR successful, KKR made me successful. KKR made me a leader,” he remarked, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between him and the franchise.
Known for his passionate demeanor on the field, Gambhir acknowledged his own temperament and the challenges it might pose in his new role. The dynamic between Gambhir and the team’s coach, Chandrakant Pandit, promises to be an intriguing aspect to watch, given their shared passion and commitment to success.

Reflecting on his journey with KKR, Gambhir expressed gratitude towards Shah Rukh Khan and Venky Mysore, the Managing Director of KKR, for their unwavering support. “I’m a very tough guy to handle. I have to thank SRK (Shah Rukh) and (Venky) Mysore for putting up with my tantrums all these years,” Gambhir admitted.
Recalling his initial interaction with Shah Rukh Khan upon joining KKR, Gambhir revealed the trust and freedom afforded to him by the franchise’s owner. “He (SRK) told me the same thing that he had told me when I joined as a player. ‘This is your franchise, make it or break it,'” Gambhir reminisced.
(Inputs from PTI)

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