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‘I am sick and fed up…’: Pollard defends Hardik amidst criticism


NEW DELHI: Mumbai Indians‘ batting coach and former all-rounder

Kieron Pollard

has come out in staunch defense of

Hardik Pandya

Following Mumbai Indians’ IPL match against Chennai Super Kings where Pandya faced significant scrutiny for his performance, Pollard rallied behind his teammate, asserting that cricket is a team game and calling for support rather than criticism.
“I am sick and fed up looking to pinpoint individuals; cricket is a team game at the end of the day,” Pollard stated after the match.

He expressed confidence in Pandya’s abilities and highlighted his crucial role in the upcoming

T20 World Cup

for India.

“This is an individual that is going to represent the country in less than six weeks’ time, and you all are going to cheer him on and want him to do well when the time comes,” Pollard added.
Acknowledging Pandya’s recent struggles and the public’s expectations, Pollard emphasized the importance of evolution in a player’s career.
“As an individual you have to evolve,” he remarked. “The older you get, accountability and responsibility kick in.”

Despite Pandya’s recent challenges, Pollard remains optimistic about his future contributions, citing his hard work and commitment to improvement.

“What I am seeing is the guy is evolving. We, as individuals, want to see certain things but sometimes the game does not demand certain things,” Pollard noted.
Looking ahead to the T20 World Cup, Pollard anticipates a shift in public sentiment towards Pandya.
“I hope very well deep down within my heart that when he comes out on top, I’ll sit back and watch everyone sing his praises,” he said.

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