Human organs and the emotions that they store

Sep 19, 2023


​Our struggle with negative emotions is real​

We all have our own way of dealing with anxiety; sometimes we react to it and sometimes we suppress it. However, there are tension areas in our body which accumulate the emotions. As per traditional beliefs there are cetrain organs that store human emotions.

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​Anger stays in the lower back​

Lower back tends to accumulate anger. Experts should convert their anger into assertion. It expresses a constructive way of channeling emotion instead of destroying your own body.

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​Fear kicks in your stomach​

Fear puts a great tension on your stomach and this might be from where the commonly used phrase “I am sick to my stomach” has stemmed from.

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​Broken heart triggers chest discomfort​

As per a report in Psychology Today, a broken heart due to a failed relationship can trigger chest pain and discomfort.

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​Suppressed fear affects sleep​

People who have repressed fear often lose sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to different health complications.

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​Overcontrolling nature leads to headache​

If you have a tendency to exercise your control over everything, you are likely to have burnout and splitting headaches.

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​Overwork affects neck and shoulder muscles​

Lots of responsibilities affect the mobility of your neck and shoulder.

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​Overall weakness​

If you always focus on who has been bad to you, you are not channeling your positive energy and are hence always fatigued.

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Numbness arises when you do not process your trauma and it gets lodged in your memory for a longer time.

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​Breathing difficulty​

Unaddressed anxiety might leave you gasping for air and feeling suffocated.

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​Difficulty in speaking​

If you have been oppressed for a long time, it is likely that you might have a problem speaking up.

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These theories are yet to be backed by concrete scientific evidence.

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