How working moms serve as inspiration for kids

01/14​​12 ways how children can benefit from a working mother​

12 ways how children can benefit from a working mother

by Shifa Khanreadmore

02/14​​Beyond gender roles​

Being a working mom is an asset, not a liability when it comes to raising healthy and well-adjusted children, in today’s world, where gender roles are becoming more and more fluid. It is important to have a broader perspective on the role of mothers in society, they are expanding beyond the expectation of being only the primary caregiver to their children.


03/14​​Best of both the worlds​

Today it is possible to work and have a career of your choice be it a full-time corporate one, part-time or a small business, we have seen the rise of many “mompreneurs” of late. Being a mother is a full-time job in and of itself, but having a career also provides many benefits for both mothers and their children.


04/14​​Setting a positive influence​

Being a working mom sets an excellent example for children, especially daughters, that women can be successful in their careers while also being nurturing and caring parents. It teaches children the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, qualities that are important not just in the workplace, but also in all aspects of life.


05/14​​Developing a broader perspective and diverse skills​

Working mothers tend to have a broader perspective and a more diverse set of skills that can benefit their children. They are also more likely to have a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility, which gets instilled in their children as well.


06/14​​Financial stability and better quality of life​

Being a working mom provides financial stability for the family, which leads to a better quality of life for children. It helps provide opportunities for children they might not have had otherwise, such as access to better education or experiences that can broaden their horizons.


07/14​​Finding the balance​

Of course, being a career-oriented person also comes with its own set of challenges. It is not easy to balance work, home, and parenting responsibilities, and there may be times when one has to prioritize one over the other. However, with proper planning and support, finding a balance that works for both the mother and the children is possible.


08/14​​Having a support system in place​

It is imperative for all working mothers to have a support system in place. Get your partner, and family members involved, and delegate to them. Hire help if you need it for childcare or other household responsibilities so that you can spend time with your children.


09/14​​Setting boundaries​

It is important to set the right expectations as well as boundaries for yourself first and foremost and then with your support system. Mothers often want to do everything for their children from micromanaging their schedules to monitoring everything on their own because no other person can get it just right.


10/14​​Don’t ponder over mother guilt​

It’s true, no one will be as connected as the mother is to her children, when you are trying to balance a career and children, stop feeling guilty if there are days one gets more priority than the other. Also, have a strong stand with the family including your partners, rather than judging your choices, to support you when such tough days come.


11/14​​Taking care of yourself​

In addition, it is essential for working mothers to take care of themselves. This includes getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and making time for self-care activities, such as exercise or meditation. When mothers take care of themselves, they are better able to take care of their children and excel in their careers.


12/14​​Children will learn self care​

Children are perceptive in nature and imbibe this when they see that their mom prioritizes herself and her well-being, they are likely to absorb and take in those qualities. These are early building blocks to self care and love, which can be learnt in practice.


13/14​​Setting the right example​

In conclusion, being a working mom is a choice that can benefit both the mother and the children. It can provide financial stability, teach valuable life skills, and serve as a positive example for children.


14/14​​Drive for success​

As a working mother, you can experience the benefits firsthand and encourage other mothers to pursue their careers, automate their lives and drop the guilt. Your career and drive for success give your children a unique perspective of you and helps develop their progressive mindset early on.


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