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How to do the ice water facial to tighten the skin


Apr 16, 2024

Piyali Bhadra

Can putting the face in ice water tighten the skin?

Soaking ice water is another technique that is used as a disposable face mask sheet improving the blood circulation rate which instantly helps the skin to feel fresh and tighter. Let’s see how one should process it.


Start with a large bowl

Take a decent-sized bowl to dip your face and fill it with ice-cold water. You can also add small chunks of ice cubes.


The 5-second rule

Dip your face in the water for 5 seconds and then take it out, repeating the process at least 5-6 times taking a minimum of 10 minutes of your day, until you will feel the sudden rush of blood circulation in your veins.


Use a towel

Never rub the tower against your face but mildly pat it to soak in the hydration and you will feel fresh.


Use a jade roller

Prefer using a jade roller after the activity for better results, but keep it in the fridge first as it will help with lymphatic drainage.


Benefits of ice water facial

Ice water facial helps tighten the skin and temporarily shrink the enlarged pores as it improves blood circulation and reduces the appearance of oiliness from your skin. It will also remove the under-eye bags, giving a natural and healthy glow.


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Things to keep in mind

Carry a warm towel and do not overdo the process as you might catch a severe cold. Also, people with sinus issues should not opt for this ice water activity.


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