‘Haven’t seen those comments’: MEA on US envoy’s remarks

NEW DELHI: “Not sure foreign diplomats would usually comment on internal matters of India,” ministry of external affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in an apparent response to US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti’s remarks on the situation in Manipur.
Addressing a press briefing, Bagchi asserted that the government was making efforts to resolve the crisis in Manipur.
“I haven’t seen those comments by the US Ambassador, and if he has made them, we’ll see. I haven’t had a chance to see, maybe it just happened. I think, you know…we would also see peace there, and I think that our agencies and our security forces are working, and our local government are working on it. I’m not sure foreign diplomats would usually comment on internal developments in India, but I won’t like to make a comment without seeing exactly what is being said,” Bagchi said.
On Thursday, speaking at a press conference in Kolkata, Garcetti said the violence and killings in Manipur are a matter of “human concern” and the US is “ready to assist” India in dealing with the situation “if asked”.

The Congress raised strong objections to US Ambassador Eric Garcetti’s making remarks on Manipur and asked the government if it would summon and tell him in no uncertain terms it is India’s internal matter and the United States has no role to play.

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