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Google announces new Chrome browser for these Windows 11 PCs


Google announces a new Chrome browser for these Windows 11 PCs

Google introduced an updated Chrome version for Windows 11 ARM PCs, providing enhanced performance and optimized for Snapdragon chips. The browser includes security features, generative AI, and supports various extensions and themes for personalized browsing.

Google recently announced a new version of Chrome for a specific set of

Windows 11

devices. The device in question is the Windows 11 ARM-based PCs that are powered by chipsets like


8cx or the upcoming Qualcomm X Elite chip. The company has now started rolling out the full version of Chrome for ARM-based Windows PCs powered by Snapdragon.
According to Google, Chrome for ARM on Windows 11 PCs will offer increased performance compared to the legacy version.

Also, the company has confirmed that the browser will be fully optimised for these PCs as well as the operating system to offer a faster and smoother browsing experience.
President and CEO, Qualcomm Inc. said, “With Chrome on Windows desktops and laptops, you’ll not only get improved performance, you’ll also have strong security built in, plus access to generative AI features and thousands of extensions and themes to personalize your browsing experience.”
How to download Chrome on Windows 11PCs powered by ARM chipset

  • Open Google Chrome official website using any web browser
  • Head to Download
  • Check if the website detects the platform as Windows 11 on ARM
  • Hit the Download button
  • Once downloaded, run the installer and complete it to install the browser on your computer

It is also to be noted that Chrome on ARM PCs will offer more of less similar features as the legacy Windows version of the browser. This means it will include real-time security features, along with password management and extension and theme support.

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