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German national behind Mahadev app gambling operations: ED




national is responsible for creating the program of the Mahadev Online Book gaming-betting app, along with several other similar apps in different countries, said the

Enforcement Directorate

, which is investigating a money laundering case involving the promoters. This German national is not only the mastermind behind the app’s programming but also one of the key promoters of the Mahadev group.


is currently investigating the transfer of money to the German national in his home country and other foreign entities. According to ED sources, the Mahadev group operates through three layers. The first layer involves developers who created the gaming-betting program based on local needs, ensuring that 40% of the total collected money is distributed to winning players-users using the app, while the remaining 60% goes to Mahadev as profit.
The second layer consists of individuals like

Saurabh Chandrakar


Ravi Uppal

, who manage the app and the group’s operations. They handle the collection and transfer of money through hawala and shell companies. The third layer comprises panel operators who run the operations of the group on the ground. They provide online links to users for placing bets and playing games, collect money online from users, and then divert it to the second layer for layering.
Despite recent actions taken against the group, the operations continue, with the panel operators withdrawing cash after collecting money from users and sending it to Dubai via hawala.

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