G20 sherpas discuss ‘digital public infra’ financing structure

HAMPI: The third G20 sherpas’ meeting underway here in this historic town in Karnataka is discussing the financing structure to help low and middle-income countries in their digital transformation, a top official said, asserting that India will focus on the development agenda.
“The financing structure is being discussed,” India’s G20 sherpa Amitabh Kant told a news conference. India is showcasing its success in digital public infrastructure and wants it to be replicated in developing countries. New Delhi is of the view that there exists a gap in the global governance architecture in relation to digital publicinfrastructure (DPI). The sherpasare drafting the leader’s declaration for the September summit in the national capital.
Kant had earlier said that the Digital Economy Group has been discussing the proposal of setting up a fund for low-and middle-income countries to assist them with their digital transformation through open source, open APIs, and interoperable digital public infrastructure.
India had earlier floated a draft communique and has now moved a revised draft and the focus in Hampi has been on issues that New Delhi wants to flag under its presidency suchas growth, development, accelerating sustainable development goals, addressing the debt crisis and issues confronting the global south. Kant made it clear that the effort for now is to keep contentious issues such as the reference to war in Ukraine out of the discussions.

“Our priority is developmental issues. Our priority is growth, progress, our priority is inclusive growth. Our priority is more finance from multilateral institutions,” Kant said.
“Our priority is sustainable development goals. Our priority is technological transformation. Our priority is gender equality. Our priority is not war,” he said, but added that bilaterally the issue would be discussed.

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