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Forever Chemicals used in bandages can cause cancer


Recent investigations have shed light on a concerning discovery:


, used over cuts on the body, may harbour a silent danger. Some of the most trusted brands have been found to contain alarming levels of what scientists term “

forever chemicals


What are “Forever Chemicals”?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (


) are synthetic compounds developed in the 1940s. Initially engineered for their resistance to heat and water, they have since infiltrated numerous household and industrial products, from food packaging to firefighting foam.

Due to their persistent nature, these chemicals have earned the name “forever chemicals,” persisting in the environment for extended periods.


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This revelation of forever chemicals in bandages highlights a broader issue of environmental and

public health

Among the various PFAS compounds, two have come under intense scrutiny: perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorobutane sulfonic acid (PFOS). Formerly prevalent in items like non-stick cookware and fabric protectors, they have been linked to adverse

health effects

, including


. It was suggested that a broader range of health concerns associated with PFAS exposure, from liver and kidney damage to obesity and impaired vaccine response.

Determining the safe levels for PFAS exposure remains a challenge. While guidelines in various countries have set limits, recent proposals suggest significantly stricter standards, reflective of the growing apprehension surrounding these chemicals. Compounding the issue is the continual emergence of new PFAS compounds, complicating efforts to fully comprehend their health impacts.

chemicals (2)

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As awareness of the dangers posed by forever chemicals grows, so too does the need for action. Legislators worldwide are considering bans on non-essential PFAS, with proposals ranging from regional restrictions to comprehensive global prohibitions. In the face of this pervasive threat, individuals are encouraged to minimise exposure by opting for alternatives to non-stick cookware and grease-proof packaging, as well as choosing filtered water and glass storage containers.

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