Fix glitches by July 10: Govt tells LTIMindtree



has been asked to fix the glitches in the

ministry of corporate affairs

(MCA) portal by July 10, say sources. The


has been conducting stakeholders’ meetings across major cities, where this message was communicated by the government to LTIMindtree.
A few weeks ago, in a tweet announcing the stakeholder meetings, the MCA had said that the ministry along with the IT services company will target to fix the bugs by June 30. In the same meetings, sources say, LTIMindtree committed to adding more servers to sort out filing glitches on MCA21, which is the ministry’s official website. At these meetings, the ministry also brought up the issue of users not being able to access recent public documents. “Government officials told us that the beta version of version 3 or V3 (the latest version of the portal) will be launched, where public documents updated after November 2022 will be accessible,” a person who was present at these meetings told TOI.
TOI reported on June 22 that users of the website are not able to access the filings after November 2022. This meant chartered accountants and company secretaries were not able to conduct due diligence for clients. Currently, these professionals have to rely on outdated filings, and use version 2 of MCA21 to extract the information. LTIMindtree did not respond to TOI’s queries on this matter till press time.
Ever since a new version of the website was launched about a year ago, chartered accountants and company secretaries have been facing issues with it. Initially, the new version was operational for limited liability partnership companies, but earlier this year, it was opened up for all firms.

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