Eye medicine sales grow 5x faster than market

MUMBAI: The ‘pink eye’ outbreak has led to a surge in sales of ophthalmology medicine. Sales jumped nearly 30% year-on-year for the second month in a row in August – outgrowing the overall market by almost five times. The rise reflects the massive incidence of conjunctivitis and eye-complications in the last few months across the country.
Overall, sales growth was muted at 6% in the domestic pharma market, estimated at Rs 18,700 crore during the month. The pharma market has slowed from June – hovering around 5-6% growth – pulled down by poor sales of acute therapies, data from market research firm IQVIA showed.
Acute therapies including respiratory and anti-infectives grew 4%, as against chronic medicines (used for lifestyle ailments), which posted a 9% growth. Others like cardiac and gastro medicines registered the highest growth amongst large therapies.
Industry experts pointed out that though the data showed ophthalmology and otology (ear medication) clubbed together, the jump is primarily due to eye medicine sales.

Within ophthalmology, methyl cellulose registered the highest sales of Rs 51 crore with 13% growth, while the highest growth of 95% was observed in Moxifloxacin. Typically,


is an antibiotic prescribed for bacterial eye and ear infections, industry experts told TOI.


During the month,

Sun Pharma

maintained top position with a share of 8% in the organised pharma retail market. Others like


, Aristo and FDC improved by two ranks to reach seventh,10th & 22nd position, respectively. Amongst brands, popular antibiotic Augmentin topped the list with Rs 76-crore sales, followed by anti-diabetic


and antibiotic


Augmentin stood at the top position though sales declined 5%, while among top 10 brands, the highest growth (38%) was observed by Liv-52 with a gain of two ranks to secure the sixth slot. Monocef recorded a growth of 19% while Pan, Thyronorm and Foracort also mopped a robust double-digit growth during August.
Further, other movers included anti-diabetic Lantus which moved up four ranks to secure the 16th position, pain-relief drug


gained six ranks to secure the 12th position. Monocef and Azithral gained 12 ranks to secure third and 21st positions. The pharma market, which is valued over Rs 2 lakh crore, registered a growth of 10% for the 12-month period ended August.

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