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Explained: ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill


Apr 13, 2024

Aakanksha Sharma

Lessons from a Classic

A classic self-help book, published back in 1937, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill has been the holy grail of self-help and life decisions for many. Focusing on personal development and achieving success, here we explain the crux of the book.


Everything starts with desire

The first lesson from the book starts with how everything stems from desire. Hill underscores the role of desire as the foundation of all awards and achievements that humans want in life. The book mentions that a burning desire is a spark that helps people achieve.


​Faith in yourself

After desire, what comes next is having faith in yourself. Hill mentions that it is extremely important to have faith in yourself and realise that only you can fulfil your aspirations and goals. When you start believing in yourself, you start pushing yourself.


Concept of autosuggestion

In his book, Hill talks about ‘autosuggestion’. Simply put, ‘autosuggestion’ is to repetitively reaffirm that you can do it. By this repetition, you reprogram the subconscious mind into believing that the goal isn’t impossible to achieve.


Don’t stop learning

While this might sound very cliche, it is important to not stop learning, and especially, being specialised in a certain form of learning.


​Power of imagination

Imagination is a powerful tool to help you envision your goals, success and the rewards afterwards. In his book, Hill encourages readers to think and imagine as much as possible for themselves and be fueled by the idea of success.


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Plan things well in advance

Being organised and structured is a very underrated quality in people. So, whenever you develop a new goal in mind, immediately plan and strategize how you plan to achieve it. Having a check-list will go a long way.


Don’t procrastinate

Instead of having the mindset that ‘I’ll sleep on this decision’ or ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, make quick and prompt decisions about everything. Hill advises people to not bow down to indecision and do things as soon as possible.


Network as much as possible

While staying in your own little world seems blissful, to succeed in life, you need people. Be it personal relations or professional connections, network as much as possible.


Develop a ‘sixth sense’

While this might seem nonsensical to some people, having a sixth sense or a sort of gut feeling can really help in certain situations. Developing some intuition through self-awareness and reflection helps people make better decisions.


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