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EXO dazzles fans with vibrant fan meeting



recently marked their 12th debut anniversary with a remarkable solo

fan meeting

, ‘2024 EXO FAN MEETING: ONE,’ held at the Inspire Arena in Yeongjongdo, Incheon. The event, spanning two sessions at 2 PM and 7 PM on the 14th, saw the latter streamed globally via Beyond LIVE and Weverse LIVE. Fans from 103 regions worldwide, including the USA, Mexico, Japan, and more, joined the online celebration, according to Beyond LIVE.
Six members—Suho, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, and D.O.—graced the stage, captivating EXO-Ls adorned in sky-blue attire, reflecting the fan-chosen dress code.

Amidst waving lightsticks and spirited cheers, fans participated in slogan events, echoing heartfelt phrases like “Clumsy but deeply loved, our journey will create a new season” and “Like those times, that moment, I’ll be by your side unchanged.” Sing-alongs to ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Heaven’ further enhanced the camaraderie, ensuring a profoundly meaningful time shared between EXO and their devoted supporters.
EXO concluded their fan meeting with a touching encore performance of ‘I’ll Protect You,’ conveying their deep appreciation for EXO-Ls. Amidst the heartfelt melodies, the members also expressed their gratitude through sincere messages, further strengthening the bond with their dedicated fanbase, “We’re happy to celebrate the

12th anniversary

together, and seeing the silver waves made by EXO-Ls after such a long time makes us happy. While members are doing well in their


careers, the synergy when we are together as EXO is really great. We’re planning our next steps and will come back with new music and performances, so please look forward to it. Let’s love without limits!”

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