Esha Deol: “I am a possessive parent”

Jul 4, 2023

Jigyasa Kakwani

​Raising two girls​

Esha Deol is mother to Radhya, age 6, and Miraya, age 4, with husband Bharat Takhtani.


​Parenting style​

Here is everything you need to know about the actor’s parenting style, who will soon be seen in the film ‘Main.’


​Parenting different than Hema Malini​

In a recent interview, Deol revealed that her parenting style is quite different from that of her mom Hema Malini.


​Hema Malini is ‘more chill’​

“My parenting is quite different from my mum’s. I think I am more like my (maternal) grandmum. My mum’s style is more chill,” she said.


​Esha says she is more ‘possessive’​

“She (Esha’s nani) was definitely a little stricter than my mother. I am a bit more possessive too,” she shared.


​Why being strict is important​

“I also think it’s important to be a little strict when required so they learn to be disciplined and have respect for other human beings,” Esha said.


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​Simple upbringing​

“But overall, I am very easy with them. I am all for a rooted, simple upbringing,” she added.


​Dealing with tantrums​

Esha allows her kids to throw tantrums when they do so, and when they are done, she explains to them better ways of dealing with their troubled feelings.


​Giving them choice​

“I think giving your child space and allowing them to learn and make choices from a very young age is important in shaping them into who they are going to become,” she shared.


​Freedom to choose their career​

She added, “When they grow up, they should be confident and make their own choices and pursue their dream careers.”


​Letting them eat what they want​

While her girls usually eat home-cooked food, she lets them eat chocolates and other foods, especially on birthday parties and holidays.


​Time for TV​

Esha’s daughters love watching cartoons so they get to do it in a set screen-time.


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