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Elon Musk defends ketamine use, says it’s beneficial for Tesla investors


Elon Musk defends ketamine use, says it's beneficial for Tesla investors

“For investors, if there’s something I’m taking, I should keep taking it,” Musk said on his usage of ketamine.

In an interview released on Monday, Tesla and


CEO Elon Musk openly discussed his use of ketamine, a drug known for treating depression and managing pain. The entrepreneur, aged 52, acknowledged his use of the anesthetic—commonly utilized for pain relief and depression treatment—after US media reports suggested his drug consumption was unsettling investors.

Musk suggested that his prescribed usage of


plays a role in his effective management and subsequently benefits Tesla investors. “Ketamine is helpful for getting one outside of a negative frame of mind,” Musk remarked during the conversation with former CNN host Don Lemon.
Impact on investor perception and corporate governance
The interview comes amid growing concerns among investors and corporate boards regarding Musk’s behavior and drug use. Despite these concerns, Musk reassured that his consumption of the drug has not affected his business ventures negatively. Instead, he pointed out Tesla’s success, stating, “We had the best-selling car on Earth last year,” to underscore his effective leadership. However, a Wall Street Journal report earlier highlighted the potential risks associated with Musk’s alleged use of various drugs, emphasizing possible violations of federal policies.
Government contracts and drug testing

The tech mogul also addressed the implications of his drug use on government contracts, particularly with SpaceX’s dealings with NASA. Following reports of his drug use, Musk said he agreed to undergo random drug testing for three years, with no trace amounts of drugs or alcohol found. This was part of an effort to maintain the trust and compliance required for SpaceX’s ongoing contracts with the federal government.

Political insights and future endeavors
Furthermore, the interview shed light on Musk’s political stances and interactions, including his recent meeting with Republican presidential candidate

Donald Trump

. While Musk expressed his dissatisfaction with current Democratic policies, particularly regarding immigration, he remained non-committal about his support in the upcoming presidential election.
Cancellation of social media partnerships
The interview also touched upon Musk’s venture into social media with platform X and the cancellation of a partnership with Don Lemon, reflecting his broader ambitions and ongoing projects across different sectors.
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