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Doordarshan Bangla news anchor faints during live show


NEW DELHI: Doordarshan Bangla news anchor fainted during a live show because she got too hot, which caused her blood pressure to drop. West Bengal is experiencing a heatwave with temperatures soaring above 40°C on Friday, officially declaring the city to be under heatwave conditions.

A video has surfaced on social media platforms of a news anchor Lopamudra Sinha, fainting during live news telecast.

Addressing the video Sinha, took to her Facebook account and shared her health update with her followers.

She said the incident happened on April 18, in morning while she was reading news live. “It was very hot… my blood pressure dropped. I was feeling unwell even before I fainted. I thought drinking water would help so I asked the floor manager for some,” she said in the video.

Even though the studio had air conditioning, it didn’t make much of a difference because it was very hot that day. The news anchor, who has been working for about 21 years, usually didn’t keep water on her desk because she only had to read the news for about 30 minutes and could manage without taking a sip.

However, on Thursday, things were different as Sinha really needed water during the live broadcast. “On Thursday, most of the news was in the general category which did not have any visuals to go with it. There were no bites. Had there been any visuals to run on live telecast, I could have used that break to drink water,” Sinha said. (sic)

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