Does Balayam (nail rubbing) actually help your hair grow?

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does balayam nail rubbing actually help your hair grow

To get healthy and shiny hair, you may be nourishing it externally with the most expensive products, masks, and packs that promise guaranteed results. But, it is essential to note that your hair also requires internal nourishment through foods and some everyday yogic, reflexology practices that can help improve its health. One such technique that yoga trainer and nutritionist Juhi Kapoor swears by is ‘Balayam’ or nail rubbing, the benefits of which she shared on Instagram.

“Traditional scriptures talk about the practice of Balayam or nail rubbing. Sages do believe this helps hair growth. Personally, I can vouch for it too. Balayam yoga works on the principles of reflexology that your hair follicles are connected to the nerve endings in your nail beds. So when you stimulate these nerve endings, it improves the blood circulation to your scalp, enhancing hair growth,” she said.

Agreed Himalayan Siddha Akshar, founder of Akshar Yoga Institutions and said that rubbing the nails together “stimulates the production of keratin” in the hair. “Most of the cortical cells in the hair are composed of a protein known as keratin. The main chemical elements present in the hair are composed of carbon (45 per cent), oxygen (28 per cent), nitrogen (15 per cent), hydrogen (6.7 per cent) and sulphur (5.3 per cent). When you rub your nails as a method for hair growth, it stimulates the production of keratin by ensuring that the required chemical composition is produced sufficiently as required for hair strengthening and growth,” he told

One should, however, keep certain things in mind when doing Balayam. According to Kapoor, these include:

*Avoid rubbing the thumb nails.

*Stick to only rubbing your finger nails as it has an impact on your blood pressure.

*People suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension should not rub their nails.

*Pregnant women should also avoid the Balayam exercise as it increases blood pressure, which may result in uterine contractions.

*Avoid Balayam yoga if you have undergone angiography or surgery for appendicitis. Increased blood pressure may cause post-surgery complications.

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Kapoor also listed ‘Prithvi Mudra’ as an essential practice for good hair health. Prithvi Mudra or where one touches the tip of the ring finger lightly with that of the thumb can be practiced for 15-50 minutes daily. This can help to prevent premature greying of hair, alopecia, hair loss and damage, she said.

Note: “Don’t press finger to thumb too hard. Just keep gentle contact,” she said.

Kapoor also mentioned that inversions like Sirsasana (headstand), Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand), and Halasana (plough pose) help improve blood circulation towards the head which, in turn, aid hair health.

What else helps?

The practice of inverted combing. Combing your hair down, towards gravity, is said to also boost blood circulation towards head and hair follicles. “This technique can help to boost hair growth tremendously. Practice and share your experience,” she said.

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