Do you consume Digene Gel? Read this

Digene gel

, a popular


, is consumed without even thinking about it. When there is a slight discomfort in the chest, people don’t mind having one or two tablespoons of this medicine.
However, this popular medicine has received a warning alert from the government.
Batches of digene gel have been recalled by its parent company, Abbott India. The decision came following the alert issued by Drug regulatory body, DCGI, after it received complaints of foul taste and smell.

The regular color of digene is pink and it tastes sweet. While the bottle of digene in question was of white color, had bitter taste and had pungent odor.

“Patients to discontinue Digene Gel which are manufactured at Goa facility,” the DGCI said in the alert. “The impugned product may be unsafe and its use may result in adverse reaction,” the government has warned.
“Abbott in India has voluntarily recalled Digene Gel antacid medicine manufactured at our Goa site, due to isolated customer complaints on taste and odour. There have been no reports of patient health concerns. Other forms of Digene, such as tablets and stick packs are not impacted and Digene Gel manufactured at our other production site is not affected and continues to be available in sufficient quantities to meet current demand,” Mint reported quoting an Abbott spokesperson.

All batches of Digene gel of all flavors- mint, orange, and mixed fruits flavour which are within shelf life and manufactured at Goa facility should not be consumed.
“The doctors and healthcare professionals should carefully prescribe and educate their patients to discontinue the use and for reporting of ADRs arising due to consumption of the said product. Healthcare professionals should promptly report any suspicious cases of adverse events linked to this product,” the alert reads.
Digene is used to get relief from acidity. People consume Digene when they heartburn, stomach, abdominal pain and gas.

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