Delivery agent eats customer’s food

We often order from a food-delivery app so that we can enjoy our favourite foods in the comfort of our homes. But sometimes it turns out to be a bizarre and quite painful decision too. Wondering how? Well, this happens when the delivery agents fail to show up or when they eat the food.
In recent times, many instances of delivery agents eating customers’ food have surfaced. And the most recent one was a notch higher, when the agent confronted him about eating food and even called the customer lazy. Take a look at the conversation:

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The incident was shared by a Reddit user named @dmfuller regarding a DoorDash delivery agent who ate the customer’s food and shamelessly boasted about it. He shared a picture of a conversation between a customer and a delivery agent, where the customer messaged the agent, telling him that he would get fired for breaking the rules. To which, the agent responded by saying, “You can’t prove that, buddy. You and your kids can enjoy the food.” Later, when the customer mentioned that he has a camera to show that the delivery agent never entered his housing complex, the delivery agent said, “I am not stupid like you bud, maybe if you were not a lazy, inadequate father. You would go pick up your food to make sure your kid eats. Instead of relying on other grown men to feed your family.”

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The post left the netizens in shock, and people started commenting on why the agent called the customer lazy. Well, have you ever experienced such a situation? If yes, what was your reaction? Share your feedback in the comments section.
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